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Signaling Mini Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

Signaling Mini Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

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Product Highlights

• Signal mirror
• Whistle
• 3- Mini glowsticks
• 15’ Orange vinyl ribbon- Use as trail markers
• Chalk- Mark messages and directions on rock faces
• 5 Reflective patches
• 10 reflective tacks

Introducing the Signaling Mini Bug Out Survival (BOSS) Kit - the ultimate companion for all your outdoor adventures and emergency situations! This pocket-sized kit is an absolute must-have for every car, truck, boat, camper, and backpack.

Designed to provide peace of mind in case of an emergency, the Signaling Mini BOSS Kit comes in a resealable, UV-resistant, zippered-lock style bag. It's compact, lightweight, and affordable, making it the perfect addition to your survival gear collection.

One of the standout features of this kit is its versatility. Whether you're embarking on a camping trip, hiking through the wilderness, or simply exploring new terrains, this kit is your reliable companion. It easily fits in cargo pockets, shoulder pockets, EDC kits, or backpacks of any size, making it a practical choice for kids and Scout kits as well.

Now let's dive into the contents of this incredible survival kit. First, we have a signal mirror, which is essential for catching the attention of rescuers or fellow adventurers from a distance. Its compact size ensures it won't take up much space in your kit, yet it provides a powerful reflective surface to signal for help.

Next up, we have a whistle - a crucial tool for attracting attention in emergency situations. Its loud, piercing sound can cut through the silence and alert others to your presence. With this whistle, you can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a blow away.

To ensure you're visible even in low-light conditions, the Signaling Mini BOSS Kit includes three mini glowsticks. These compact yet powerful light sources will guide your way and make you easily identifiable, even in the darkest of nights.

Additionally, the kit contains a 15-foot orange vinyl ribbon, which can be used as trail markers. This simple yet effective tool ensures you never lose your way, even in the most challenging terrains. No more worrying about getting lost or straying off the path - the orange vinyl ribbon has got you covered.

In case you need to leave messages or directions behind, the kit also includes chalk. This versatile tool allows you to mark messages and directions on rock faces or other surfaces, ensuring clear communication with others who may come across your path.

To further enhance your visibility, the Signaling Mini BOSS Kit includes five reflective patches and ten reflective tacks. These reflective accessories can be easily attached to your clothing, gear, or surroundings, making you highly visible to others, especially in low-light or nighttime scenarios.

With the Signaling Mini Bug Out Survival (BOSS) Kit, you can embark on your outdoor adventures with confidence, knowing that you have the essential tools to overcome any emergency situation. Compact, lightweight, and affordable, this kit is a game-changer for every survivalist, adventurer, and outdoor enthusiast. Don't leave home without it!

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Customer Reviews

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Good collection of signaling devices. Whistle could have been of better construction.

david parsons

Well worth the money for the piece of mind. I think you would be hard pressed to buy a decent whistle and signal mirror for the price of this kits let alone the extras and its already prepacked in a watertight bag.