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8 Essential Kits: Tool Kit

Tool Kit

Tools are facilitative; they are used in conjunction with other resources (your gear or natural resources) to facilitate the other priorities. They help you process resources for your fire and to build your shelter, carve trap triggers, process food, and create other useful tools and implements. Tools make all of those other things possible.


There are a number of things you can do with your belt knife, some better than others. Crosscutting wood into smaller, more manageable sizes for your fire and taking down saplings for shelter building material are not really on that list. A simple folding saw is extremely useful for those tasks.


A dull knife is a dangerous knife, and the edge will become worn with daily use. A leather paddle strop, paired with some honing compound, will likely be all you need to maintain that edge while in the field.


Everything you have in the field is important, so it is important that you are able to repair any of it that gets broken. Most repairs can be done with a needle, thread, and some duct tape.

All three of these items are included in the ingenious design of the Exotac RipSpool. This is essentially a modern version of the time-tested Saami Repair Kit used by the nomadic reindeer-herders of Scandinavia. In addition, the cap to the RipSpool can be used as an awl to help punch through tough material.

GB2-tools-and-maintenance-ripspoolRecommended Tool Kit:
  • Fixed Blade Belt Knife
  • Folding Saw
  • Paddle Strop
  • Honing Compound
  • Repair Kit

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