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Burntec Dressing (4x4)

Burntec Dressing (4x4)

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Product Highlights

• Easy to handle without spilling or damaging the hydrogel
• Cool, soothing effect for up to 24 hours
• Impermeable to bacteria
• Biocompatible and hypoallergenic
• Reduces risk of hypertrophic scars
• Award-winning new technology
• FDA cleared, and CE marked
• Size: 4" x 4"

IMPORTANT NOTE: Medical and first aid products are ordered from the supplier once an order is placed to ensure the customer gets a product with the latest expiration date possible (when applicable). Please allow a 2-4 week lead time for these orders to be fulfilled. Thank you in advance for understanding. We will take every measure we can to fill your order as it comes in.

Introducing the revolutionary BurnTec Dressing (4x4) from North American Rescue®! Experience the cutting-edge technology that has been FDA-cleared and CE-marked for your safety. This advanced hydrogel dressing is a game-changer in first aid care.

What sets BurnTec apart is its unique stabilized-sheeting structure and medical-grade non-woven fabric, making it incredibly easy to handle. No more worrying about spillage or losing the cooling hydrogel - this dressing stays securely in place over the burn area.

The secret behind BurnTec's effectiveness lies in its composition. Combining natural and synthetic polymers, cross-linked with electron beams, this dressing provides unparalleled cooling and soothing effects for up to 24 hours. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to relief!

Not only does BurnTec excel in providing comfort, but it also prioritizes hygiene. The sterile, absorbent dressing prevents bacterial contamination while still allowing the wound to breathe. This means faster healing and peace of mind.

Versatility is another key feature of BurnTec. Whether you're dealing with first, second, or third-degree burns (thermal, chemical, or electric), blisters, sunburns, abrasions, bruises, or insect bites, this dressing has got you covered. Its biocompatible and non-allergenic properties make it suitable for various skin injuries.

Replacing dressings can often be a painful process, but not with BurnTec. Its non-stick properties ensure painless removal and replacement, without hindering the healing process. You can focus on recovery without unnecessary discomfort.

Trust the brand that prioritizes your well-being - North American Rescue®. With BurnTec Dressing (4x4), you're equipped with the latest in first aid technology. Don't settle for anything less when it comes to your health and safety.

Invest in the future of first aid care and experience the difference with BurnTec Dressing (4x4). Your skin deserves the best.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This is for the first aid kit. I burned my hand one year up north fishing. I managed 10 days because I was prepared, and had enough supplies to treat my hand. Don't get the mind set it can't happen to you. Murphy likes to fish also!


Glad to have these, hope ot never have to use them.

Peter Wasserman

It look so soothing.


Haven’t had to use yet but have seen the product used and was impressed.