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Into the Woods (Online Streaming)

Into the Woods (Online Streaming)

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• Intro, Survival Priorities, and Gathering Resources
• Primitive Navigation: Direction Finding
• Gathering and Using Natural Tinder
• Finding and Filtering Water
• Shelter Site Selection
• How to tie useful Knots and Lashings
• Tarp or Poncho Shelter Configurations
• The Elevator Fire Lay
• How to make and use Charred Natural Material
• Campsite Prep and Setup
• Plant Identification
• Bonus: Primitive Trapping
• Runtime: 174 Minutes in 1080HD

Step into the wild and embark on an unforgettable journey with "Into the Woods," a captivating wilderness survival film. Join the seasoned adventurer and renowned survival instructor, Gray Bearded Green Beret Joshua Enyart, as he shares his extensive knowledge and invaluable insights for thriving in any woodland setting.

Filmed in the breathtaking wilderness of Florida, this educational resource is a treasure trove of wilderness survival skills. With a runtime of 174 minutes in stunning 1080HD streaming, "Into the Woods" offers an immersive experience that will leave you equipped with essential skills for any outdoor adventure.

Discover the secrets of the wilderness as Joshua Enyart guides you through the process of locating valuable resources, from edible plants to vital fire materials. Learn how to construct effective fire structures, ensuring warmth, safety, and the ability to cook food even in the most challenging conditions.

Master the art of tying basic knots for various tarp shelters, providing you with essential protection from the elements. Whether you're facing torrential rain or scorching heat, these shelter-building skills will keep you comfortable and secure in any woodland environment.

Water is the elixir of life, and in "Into the Woods," Joshua Enyart teaches you how to find and purify water sources. Gain the confidence to quench your thirst without compromising your health, even in the most remote locations.

"Into the Woods" is a must-watch for all outdoor enthusiasts, from seasoned hikers to novice campers. Joshua Enyart's objective and informative approach ensures that you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the wilderness, making it an invaluable resource for adventurers of all levels.

Please note that this is streaming only; there are no downloads available. Immerse yourself in this captivating film and unlock the secrets of wilderness survival. Get ready to step into the woods and embrace the wild with confidence.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews

Hi my name is Mark I am an avid wild camper in the UK. There are lots of youtube videos on this subject but none of them have the covered any of the life saving topics that In to the woods have. Just love it. Cheers for everything. Mark.

Frank Thompson

Love the content and a great learning experience for me

Jason E.

Always Great and Kindly Instructed!

Richard G.

Great content and well produced. Learned a lot.

Gary T.

My favorite video series yet! Hours of tips and instruction on getting your priorities straight, finding water, making camp, and sourcing food among a few of the topics covered. Great for the beginner & experienced prepper!