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Sharpening Puck Round Dual Grit 3"

Sharpening Puck Round Dual Grit 3"

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Product Highlights

• 3" round pocket puck stone
• Dual grit 240/400
• Perfect for field sharpening axes, machetes and other tools
• The Sapphire Ceramic grey face will rapidly erase scratch marks from a file with a 240 grit
• The Arctic white 400 grit side will bring the edge to a hazy mirror finish that easily shaves
• Readily absorbs and retains water, with a thick film on the surface to keep the pores of the stone free of metal fines.
• Made in USA.

Introducing the Sharpening Puck Round Dual Grit 3" - the ultimate tool for achieving razor-sharp edges wherever you go! This dual grit ceramic sharpening puck stone is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, craftsmen, and anyone who values the power of a finely honed blade.

Designed with a sapphire ceramic blend on one face and a coarser grey face on the other, this sharpening puck offers the perfect balance of versatility and efficiency. Whether you need to sharpen your trusty axe, machete, or other tools, this puck has got you covered.

The grey medium face of this sharpening puck is like a magic eraser for scratch marks, thanks to its 240 grit. It effortlessly removes any imperfections left by a file, restoring your blade to its former glory. But that's not all - the arctic white 400 grit side takes it a step further, bringing your edge to a hazy mirror finish that easily slices through anything in its path. Say hello to effortlessly smooth cuts and goodbye to dull blades.

One of the standout features of this sharpening puck is its ability to readily absorb and retain water. No need to worry about carrying extra supplies - simply soak the puck in water and you're good to go. The thin film on the surface ensures that the pores of the stone remain free of metal fines, guaranteeing a consistent and long-lasting performance.

Crafted for those who demand fast and efficient sharpening on the go, the Sharpening Puck Round Dual Grit 3" is a game-changer. Its dual grit ceramic blend offers the perfect combination of speed and precision, allowing you to achieve a razor-sharp edge in no time. Whether you're out in the wilderness or working on your latest project, this puck is a reliable companion that will keep your tools in top shape.

Don't settle for dull blades that hinder your performance. Upgrade to the Sharpening Puck Round Dual Grit 3" and experience the joy of effortlessly sharp tools. Your future self will thank you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andrew Bernbaum

You know what it does. Can’t do without it in my bugout bag for my axe.

Robert Miller

All products, branded or not branded, are only produces that GB2 uses or developed. Therefore you can rest easy know the quality is at its finest.

John Landwehr

Works well

Douglas North

The best price on a high quality axe puck. You'll be happy with this one.