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Survival Kit Planning Digital PDF

Survival Kit Planning Digital PDF

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Introducing the Survival Kit Planning Digital PDF, your ultimate guide to mastering Wilderness Skills! 

Part of a comprehensive series of Foundational PDFs, this Survival Kit Planning Digital PDF is a treasure trove of knowledge developed by Joshua Enyart and Gray Bearded Green Beret LLC. With no word count limit, this digital resource offers an abundance of information that surpasses traditional books and courses. Packed with 55 full-color pages and 45 captivating images and graphics, this PDF is a visual feast for aspiring survivalists.

The GB2 System of Training™ is at the core of this Survival Kit Planning Digital PDF, designed to equip modern humans with the skills to be less gear-reliant and more self- and nature-reliant. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned survivalist, this system meets you where you are and empowers you to thrive in the wilderness.

Covering essential kits such as Fire, Shelter, Water, Food, First Aid, Navigation, Signal, and Tool, this Survival Kit Planning Digital PDF is your go-to resource for preparing for any outdoor adventure. It closely follows the GB2 Wilderness Skills Course, ensuring that you receive top-notch training from the comfort of your own home.

Don't let time or budget constraints hold you back from mastering survival skills. With this self-published PDF series, you can access a wealth of information that goes beyond the level of information even live Training Courses can offer. Take the first step towards becoming a wilderness skills specialist with the Survival Kit Planning Digital PDF today!

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Great videos, and training

Wanted reading material

Been a while since I have picked something to read,hoping for updated info on a topic that can cause heated discussion. Like the format ,easy to understand,and having it digital means reading material is always available so long as my phone is charged.