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Suunto MC-2 CM-NH Compass

Suunto MC-2 CM-NH Compass

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Product Highlights

• High-grade steel needle with jewel bearing
• Balanced for the northern hemisphere
• Adjustable declination correction & clinometer
• Liquid-filled capsule for stable operation
• Mirror for sighting azimuths and signaling
• Sighting hole and notch for accurate azimuths
• Luminescent markings for working in low light
• Item LxWxH: 3.98 X 2.56 X 0.71
• Weight: 4.6 ounces

Introducing the Suunto MC-2 CM-NH Compass, the ultimate navigation tool for the serious adventurer. Designed with precision in mind, this mirror compass is an absolute must-have for all GB2 Field Courses.

With its wide range of scales, including centimeters and a 1:25k map scale, the MC-2 CM-NH is perfectly suited for use with GB2 custom maps. It also doubles as a reliable backup protractor, ensuring you never lose your way.

The "NH" model is specifically balanced for use in the Northern Hemisphere, making it the ideal companion for exploring unfamiliar territories. Its carefully engineered features are designed to provide precise navigation, even in the most challenging conditions.

Thanks to its luminescent markings, this compass remains operable in low-light situations, ensuring you never lose your sense of direction. And with adjustable declination correction, you can easily compensate for magnetic variations, guaranteeing accurate readings every time.

But that's not all - the Suunto MC-2 CM-NH Compass goes above and beyond with its additional functions. It boasts a handy clinometer for measuring slopes and inclines, as well as a magnifying lens for up-close examination of maps and other important details.

Need to start a fire? No problem. This compass even includes a solar fire starting feature (when used with charred material), perfect for emergency situations. And when it comes to signaling for help or measuring heights of trees or buildings, the MC-2 CM-NH has got you covered with its versatile tools.

Crafted with advanced engineering and durable materials, this compass is built to withstand the toughest adventures. Plus, with its user-friendly design, it's incredibly fast and easy to use - no batteries required.

Get ready to conquer the great outdoors with the Suunto MC-2 CM-NH Compass. It's time to take your navigation skills to the next level.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Andrew Bernbaum

You can’t get a much better compass at this price point.

William L.

Much better than my Brunton. A classic!


A bit different from the military lensatic compasses I’m used to but works pretty much identically of course with a few extras like a slope degree indicator (when used with a topo map) on the side of the cover. The mirror serves multiple uses as Mr. Enyart discusses; signaling, self aid and probably others I’m not thinking of.

Benny Lane

I'm not yet an expert in compasses, but this for sure works well and works great!

William Comeau

This compass is as good as expected. Josh is not the only survival expert who uses this compass. There are others who use similar compasses, including the Boy Scouts who have their own "issue" compass very similar to this one. This compass is highly recommended, high quality, and simple to use. It will last a lifetime with proper care.